Saturday, March 28, 2009

new items in both Etsy stores

I wanted to let you all know I have new items in both my Etsy stores this week:

At Whimsy Lane Creations, I am adding new initial bottle cap and scrabble tile pendant necklaces. I also have a new Twilight saga necklace with charms to represent each of the four books' major highlights.

Over at my new shop, Sugar Sweet Bath Shoppe, I have added party favors and a wholesale lip balm listing.

Be sure to check it all out.

I ordered some Derma Doctor Picture Porefect from Sephora, which was a real splurge for me. So far though, i am not at all impressed. This product had rave reviews online but is doing very little in the way of either cleaning or shrinking my t-zone pores. Anyone out there using this and care to comment?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new Etsy store

I make way too many crafts! I am opening a second Etsy store called Sugar Sweet Bath Shoppe. I will eventually move all my bath and body products there, while keeping my "misc" crafts at Whimsy Lane Creations.

I hope to be moved into my new shop by April. I plan to eventaslly fill it with glycerin soaps, soy soaps, whipped bath butter and whipped foaming sugar scrub, lip balms, soap and balm party flavors/private labeling, and more.

Please visit me at either for kid's jewelry, Twilight products, scrapbooking supplies, painted items, etc.

or for bath and body treats.

Monday, March 9, 2009

new store on Etsy

Announcing my new Etsy store, Sugar Sweet Bath Shoppe. I have decided to move all my bath & body products to one store and keep Whimsy Lane Creations open for all my misc. crafting joy! It will take awhile to move things over but I think it will make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for rather than sifting through 90 very different, unrelated items.

My speciality will be scent-your-own products and bakery scents. You''ll begin to see items like Coconut Marshmallow Fluff Whipped Sugar Scrub, many new scents, and more soy products. I am hoping the whole shop will have a very girly, sweet look and my items should reflect that.

Keep in touch!
-Lynn soon!