Friday, November 13, 2009

bottlecap, glass tile, and scrabble tile necklaces

I love to make bottlecap and tile necklaces.

Visit me on Facebook (Lynn Foster) to see all my graphics choices. The ones shown here are just a few of the graphics I've purchased.

The necklace can have your favorite photo added, no extra charge.
Glass tile necklaces come in three sizes:
1 inch $6

1 and 3/8 inch $8

and 2 inch square $12

I will put the glass pendant on my choice of necklace: ribbon-cording, ball chain, or three strands of matching ribbon tied together.

If you see one you like I can make you a bottlecap necklace, my choice of flattened/unflattened cap, my choice of ribbon-cording necklace/ball chain necklace/or three strands of ribbon tied necklaces (depedning on available stock) for $3 each.

Or just the pendant itself or a bottlecap magnet for only $1.

Wood scrabble tile necklaces:
Cost is $4 each and I will put them on the choices of necklaces available in above descriptions.

You can pay me via paypal. Just email me at for more info. and I will invoice you.

Don't forget to visit me online at and to see samples and current listings.

And remember me the next time you need a party activity for birthdays, scouts, sleepovers, community clubs, etc. I love to work with children and adults, and have a list of Craft and Create Parties from which to choose.


Pearables class at co-op

These energetic sweeties are in Mrs. Kim's first period "Pearables" class at our homschool co-op. It is like a little home economics class for little girls.

They have cooked, learn to tack a quilt, sweep and mop, make their beds, and even wash dishes. How precious!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

personalized glass tile photo necklaces

Adding new necklaces and pendants to my Etsy shop all the time. Now offering two sizes of glass tile pendants that can showcase your favorite photo, available in 1 inch square and 1 and 3/8 inch square tiles.

2 inch square tiles will be available soon for making photo ornaments.

Soap Making 101: Cornerstone Baptist fellowship hall. Saturday Nov. 7 @ 10 am. $5 each payable at time of class. All ages welcome.